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With improved CSS skills, you'll be able to deliver more value for your employer. This letter template explains why CSS for JavaScript Developers would be an incredible investment for them to make!

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To whom it may concern,

As front-end engineers, most of our time is spent building user interfaces. We feel very confident in our JavaScript skills, but that's only half of the equation. Our team doesn't have the same depth of expertise when it comes to CSS.

With richer CSS skills, we'd be able to translate designs into code much more quickly. We wouldn't have to make so many compromises with the product/design team, coming up with simpler alternatives to their bold ideas. And, perhaps most importantly, we'd be able to produce robust user interfaces without the inconsistencies and visual glitches that make our product look and feel less professional.

We need to level up our CSS skills in order to deliver the best possible experience for our users. We're asking for team licenses to CSS for JavaScript Developers, a comprehensive online course that will help us build the skills we need to deliver world-class, robust user experiences.

We believe that the return on investment will be very high. Compared to JavaScript, CSS is a smaller and more domain-specific language, and we should be able to build a really solid foundation in only a few weeks, with the right training materials.

CSS for JavaScript Developers is a self-paced online course created by Josh W. Comeau. Josh is recognized as an industry leader, and has taught more than 10,000 developers to build stellar interfaces with CSS, in a modern JavaScript context. Developers from companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Netflix have taken the course to strengthen their CSS skills.

Team licenses can be purchased at https://css-for-js.com/teams. Bulk discounts are available, and you can always reach out to Josh directly if you have any questions. He can be contacted at support@joshwcomeau.com.

Thanks so much!
Your team

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